“American dream”, we may often hear this words to many people especially when they are pertaining to the belief of many people that living in America or in any other foreign countries across will bring them success in life and would uplift their lives as Filipinos. No wonder that many of us Filipinos wanted to have a job abroad, and eventually help their families here in the Philippines and to petition them.

However, this American mother chose to left her country and to live here in the Philippines for good. Many of the people who knew about her story regrets her decision of living in our country than living the our “American dream”. She is the blogger mom, Amber Folkman who wanted to raise her three children here in the Philippines. She grew up in Northern California with a different culture and tradition.

She really admires the commitment of every Filipino people to their family and their community. She was very glad to hear her sons refer some adults as “Kuya” and “Ate”. It all started when Amber and her husband together with their 1 year old son flew to the Philippines from Seattle because of her husband’s job. After some years, their family grows bigger and they were blessed with two more children.

As of now, they have been in the country for eight years already and she believes that there is nothing wrong with her decision in taking her family here in the Philippines. She was also very delighted that her children grew up very loving and respectful to all the people around them.

Family is one of the greatest blessings we received from the Lord. But having an extended family with your friends and along in the neighborhood is so much more than any other material things in the world. It was such an amazing experience to be surrounded by helpful, respectful, honest, jolly and hospitable people.