Weddings are indeed one of the most memorable and unforgettable events in a groom’s or bride’s life. It is a union not only by the two loving couples who promised to cherish, love and support each other forever, for better and for worst, but most importantly it is also the union of two different families.

In our society nowadays, weddings become more and more expensive, grand, and special to the very best it can be. Maybe because it will only happen once in your life that you would want it to be very special. But does a wedding really need to be luxurious especially today that being practical will really mean a lot not only for the soon-to-be-married couple but with the family that they are starting to build?

Recently, the wedding of this couple made rounds in different social media platforms because it is unique, simple, and genuine. They had proven that their wedding can be as special and as memorable as it is at a very budgeted price. Their wedding photos were made extra special by this photographer who transformed every single shot of his camera into a magical and amazing one!

The newly weds Gilbert and Fely Joy Ynclino already had two children and was living together for more than a decade already and now that they decided to tie the knot they really made sure that it will be a memorable despite the fact that they are tight on their budget. Fortunately, they have the groom’s brother who works as an assistant to photographer Michael See Apeles who offered to shoulder the photographer’s fee.

Who would have thought that the couple didn’t have to empty their bank accounts for their big day? The photos taken were exquisitely incredible and you would really see the talent and skill of the one who captured the images!