The famous celebrity couple Carmina Villaroel and Zoren Legaspi had given the public a chance to take a look at their home in Pasig City. Their family was admired by a lot of Filipino not just because of their awesome family but because of their amazing home as well.

According to the Philippine Entertainment Portal or PEP, the couple described their home as it “goes beyond aesthetics”. Zoren shared that it’s not just the house but the people inside the house that makes it beautiful not the interiors nor the furniture but the family-their family that lives there.

Zoren also added that a house without proper communication with all the people living under the roof will never be considered as a home at all. A house will never be a home of the people inside it always fight, doesn’t talk or communicate with each other anymore. His wife, actress Carmina Villaroel said that they wanted their house to be not just a lovely home but a home with a super happy family.

The couple revealed that they did not hire an interior designer anymore as Carmina loves collecting home magazines. No wonder that their living area was very amazing and it seems like from a home journal. Mavy and Casy had their own rooms.

Mavy’s room has a green and blue color while Casy had a pink room with lots of dolls and toys from Disney. Carmina does her internet surfing and emailing duties at their room.

They also had a wide bathroom while their attic was turned into a closet where she displays her bags and shoes. The family also had their garden where they can relax and escape from the noise of the city.


Though their children had some television appearances already they still managed to focus on their studies.