Robin Padilla earned a lot of praises and admiration from the public after he surprised his wife Mariel Rodriquez-Padilla on their 9th wedding anniversary. Mariel Padilla recently shared on her social media account the surprise of her loving and thoughtful husband.

As they are celebrating their nine years of being together as husband and wife, Robin prepared a very special dinner date last Monday, August 19, at the Old Manila restaurant inside the luxury hotel, Peninsula Manila in Makati. The 50-year-old action star was wearing his katipunero uniform waiting for her at the entrance of the venue with a huge bouquet filled with baby pink and lavender roses and pink stargazers which are Mariel’s favorite flowers.

It was really very romantic of Robin to prepare the surprise and even surprise his wife more because of the long table that reminded her of the famous “beauty and the beast date”. Mariel even noticed the menu card with a 5-course meal starting off with her favorite Caprese and she knew that Robin had prepared the dinner especially for her.

A lot of netizens were touched with the sweetness and thoughtfulness of the veteran action star. He is also known to be a gentleman in the industry but nothing more on how he shows and expresses his love for his wife and children. The public applauded him for giving importance to his family especially to his lovely wife.

Robinhood Ferdinand Cariño Padilla, professionally known as Robin Padilla is a 49-year-old film actor, screenwriter, producer and director. He is also known as the “Bad Boy” of Philippine cinema for portraying antiheroic protagonist gangster roles in his films Anak ni Baby Ama, Grease GÜn Gang, Bad Boy 1, and Bad Boy 2, to name some. He is dubbed as “The Action Prince” or “The Prince of the Philippine Action Movies”.

It was on August 19, 2010 when Robin and Mariel Rodriguez were married at the Taj Mahal in India. They had met during his stint as a host of Wowowee. Mariel gave birth to their daughter Maria Isabella in November 2016 in Delaware and they are now expecting their second child Maria Gabriela.