Celine Pialago has been seen in the news lately as the spokesperson of Metropolitan Manila Development Authority. It is very rare to see a representative from the agency which charmed the viewers.


Celine, beside a pretty face, also has a strong personality. She graduated with a degree in Mass Communication major in Broadcasting from Miriam College. Not only that, but she also got her Master’s Degree in Journalism at the Ateneo de Manila University.

Indeed, Celine is a smart and talented girl that proves MMDA is not just for the men, but also for ladies like her.

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Behind her charming face is a firm, tough lady. In fact, during operations, she doesn’t tolerate unruly motorists. There are times that she got herself into arguments too. She also practices range shooting.

New love! #teamMMDA

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With her pretty face, no surprise that she also joined some beauty pageants. She is one of a kind, go girl power!

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