It was really difficult and challenging at the same time to be an Overseas Filipino Worker, you have to work hard for your family even if they are all away from you and your are alone in a foreign country.

But despite all the sacrifices and struggles they are about to face and they are currently facing, it never stop many of our fellow Filipinos to take everything just to give their families a brighter future.

Unfortunately, there was the story of this couple who went viral on different social media platforms and garnered a lot of comments and reactions from the netizens. Sedly Mateo Seromines could not contain his emotions as his OFW wife had cheated on him so many times and he also had a scandalous video of his wife and her Pakistani lover. The OFW wife was later known as Mary Joy Mateo.

The scandalous video easily surfaced and went viral online in just an instant. Because of this a lot of national news outlets had been mentioned on the viral post and even the popular program of Raffy Tulfo had also been tagged with the intention of deporting the OFW wife together with her Pakistani lover.

It had been reported that the Pakistani guy sent the scandalous videos to Sedly and it really goes to show that he only uses the Pinay OFW for his own good and benefit.

Direct contact and even holding someone’s hands are prohibited in the Middle East when two people are not connected by marriage. What Mary Joy and the Pakistani guy have done will really have to be punished. Sedly wanted his wife to be deported immediately, a lot of netizens wanted to help him and adviced him to asked help from the famous program of Raffy Tulfo which tends to help those people in need.

The poor husband really wanted to seek help from Raffy Tulfo’s program but he doesn’t have enough money to use going in Manila because he lives in Mindanao together with his three young children. He just decided to move on with his situation as he can do nothing about it anymore but just to continue with his life together with his children.