According to, a medical doctor from St. Luke’s Medical Center in Quezon, City had been asked for a professional advice about what happened to comedian Chokoleit. Chokoleit passed away last March 9 due to heart attack and pulmonary edema during his performance in the Kawayan Festival of Abra.

The expert asked not to mention his name on the said article. He states that Chokoleit also known as Jonathan Aguilar Garcia had suffered heart attack during his performance on stage as he was complaining about his difficulty in breathing. He also added that the comedian could actually survived if he was immediately rushed to the hospital as soon as he felt something strange going on into him.

But he pushed to finish his performance maybe because he wanted to give all the people the best show they deserve. He wanted to be professional enough because of the talent fee he received. But it was never enough to have lost such an amazing talent and incredible people in the show business industry. May he finally rest in peace!

Source: Pep