This is the reason why the Pacific and Atlantic Ocean’s water didn’t mix at all!

Did you know that we only have one ocean on our planet Earth? This may only seem so many because people started to divide it and give them names.

Oceans are divided into five regions namely, the Arctic Ocean, the Atlantic Ocean, the Indian Ocean, the Pacific Ocean, and the Southern Ocean. Aside from this, experts revealed that Ocean takes a lot more surface of our planet that the land.

There are approximately 29% of the land surface on Earth while the ocean takes up to 71%. But despite those facts, many of us still wonder why the Pacific and Atlantic Ocean’s water didn’t mix at all!

That is because the Atlantic and the Pacific Ocean have different chemical compositions. On the other hand, the visible partition of the Atlantic and Pacific is called ocean flames.

It can clearly be seen that the two oceans have different water. The person behind the discovery of the reason why its water didn’t really mix at all is no other than the ocean researcher, scientist, photographer, and filmmaker Jacques Cousteau.

He discovered that there is more salt in the Atlantic Ocean compared to the Pacific Ocean, the reason why their water didn’t really mix.

He discovered it because he courageously dives deep down the two oceans. Even the marine animals of the Atlantic Ocean didn’t go to the Pacific as they cannot survive the density of the other ocean.

It was really an amazing discovery that answered a lot of confused individuals all over the world today.
There may be a lot of mysterious things happening in our surroundings every single day.

But despite all of those mysteries, there are still some answers to a lot of questions out there and it only takes one courageous individual to have that initiative to finally unveiled the answers many of us are longing for.