This is the lovestory of a British-Filipino couple who had a 48-year age gap!

There had been this story of a Filipina woman who had a 48-year age gap with her foreign lover who was known to be a British man. She was called as “mail-order bride” by some people even though they really don’t know the real life story of Lorie and their love story. Lorie who was only 23-years-old that time had met the 71-year-old British national named Thomas back in 2014 through a social media app. Their story starter when Thomas saw and get the profile picture of Lorie. Thomas had fallen in love to Lorie the very first time he saw her. But despite the mutual love they felt for each other, she was very hesitant and undecided because of their age gap.But when they personally met each other, Lorie got comfortable with Thomas and was amazed about his good intentions and kind heart. Their first meeting was here in the Philippines, it was also their first date and the birthday celebration of Lorie. It is where their love for each other developed into a more serious and beautiful love story.After that, they continue their relationship which started in June 2016 they were also blessed with their firstborn daughter. As of now, they are on a long distance relationship as Lorie and their daughter is here living in the Philippines. While Thomas on the other hand, visits his wife and daughter here in our country in a yearly basis.Usually, Thomas would stay for more than five months in the Philippines for him to be with his family much longer before he return to his country. Though they also have their ups and downs because of their distance with each other that was never easy but they always made sure that they will always talk about their problems and issues.S

Source: Mirror