Good deeds

VIRAL: Good Samaritan gives a free face mask to this old woman who couldn’t buy a face mask because she doesn’t have enough money!

It was just recently when a video of this old woman touched a lot of netizens. She is crying so much and was trying to cover her face and mouth with her thick jacket because she couldn’t afford to buy a face mask herself as she doesn’t have enough money. According to some reports, the old woman from China wasn’t able to buy a face mask after several stores had already overpriced their face masks because of the novel coronavirus outbreak (nCoV).

“When the old lady started crying because she couldn’t find a mask… my heart broke. It’s so sad that during this time of crisis, there’re people who sell masks at high prices to gain personal profits or hoard tons of it…” Twitter user “@kyuju32810” posted.

Although she was not able to buy any face masks at the moment and in the frightening situation of this d!sease outbreak, she still rode the bus as she still hopes that someone with a kind heart would give her even one mask. After some time, the old woman stops crying as she finally found someone who would help her without asking for anything.

There was this man who approached her and had given her a face mask. He doesn’t mind helping the old woman even if it means that it would be difficult for him to buy a face mask again because of panic buying.

According to the Tweet, the Good Samaritan is actually an officer but it was not cleared if he is the police or a military officer. The said social media post already gained more than 1,200,00 views on the viral video and was re-Tweeted more than 52,000 times already.

A lot of netizens admired this kind-hearted man for helping out the old woman who was not able to buy herself a face mask just because of money.