This newlywed enjoys their carabao ride instead of riding in a bridal car after their wedding ceremony!

This couple celebrated their wedding day in the most different way you could ever think of. They immediately went viral online after Jovert Torres and Marjorie Rombaoa rides in a carabao cart after declaring their wedding vows for each other. Their wedding ceremony was held in Centro La Caridad in Brgy. Tual, President Quirino, Sultan Kudarat last January 11.

The public was astounded to see the couple in a traditional ride rather than riding in a luxurious and elegant-looking bridal car. The netizen who shared the viral photos from Fudge shots was Fudge Pulido. Admirable photos and videos of the couple amaze a lot of people. Jovert and Marjorie’s smile were priceless as they went on their carabao ride for their very special day. Some people dubbed it as the “bridal kariton”.

Marjorie’s cousin, Robert, even shared through his post about the meaningful reason why the couple uses carabao as their “bridal vehicle”. Robert revealed that Marjorie just wanted to depict their life when she chose to ride a carabao on the day of her wedding as they truly believe that a person should never ever forget where he or she comes from.

He even added that they all grew up as a kid watching their parents ride in their carabao every single day just to work in the field. They were all inspired by their parents’ dedication and sacrifices in life that is why they are always grateful for them and they also worked hard in achieving their goals in life.

“I am proud to say that most of us now are successful in different fields of professions. This wedding of my cousin is indeed a tribute to our parents who truly strived [to help us achieve] where, who, and what we have now!” Robert wrote on his post.