This netizen shares his “lutang moment” as he forgot to return the “Angkas helmet” he used!

We used to have our “lutang moments” from time to time especially when we feel tired, exhausted or maybe there are just so many things which occupy our mind. Those “moments” are the silly and unforgettable things we used to do when we are out of our minds and those moments are often times embarrassing. Just like what happened to this netizen who had recently shared on his social media account one of his “lutang moments”.

According to John Ramon Pesigan Eisma, he felt dizzy that time when he decided to finally go home. He booked “Angkas” as it was way cheaper and fast compared to other ways of transportation. He booked from Malate to Makati. He was departed in Petron Makati Avenue where he walked down the bridge. Eisma felt something was wrong with him because of the heavy feeling he has on his head. He thought that he was just dizzy by that time so he just decided to walk through.

He noticed that a lot of people were looking at him until he reached the bridge and there was this person who shouted “Kuya angkas?” to him. He felt confused as he was walking at that time and he was not also riding a motorcycle at that very moment. The person who shouted at him continued talking to him asking him that he might have forgotten something. He curiously asked what can it be but he was very surprised and embarrassed to know that he was wearing the “Angkas helmet” from the “Angkas driver” ever since he was dropped off on the Petron Makati Ave.

The post of the netizen garnered a countless number of comments and reactions from the public. There has been a lot of people who also experienced the same situation as Eisma did. Until now, he was still doing his best to contact the “Angkas driver” and to return the helmet.

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