Tatay Alex still files charges against Linda even if he is already living and earning better now because of Raffy Tulfo’s help!

The public still waits for the progress of Tatay Alex’s case against alias “Linda”. Tatay Alexander Grutal was the old man who was accused of disrespecting a woman passenger riding inside an E-jeep which was later known as alias “Linda”.

Raffy Tulfo’s program shared the tenth episode about Tatay Alex and he personally went to the program together with his son. The old man’s wounds were all healed already. There were no other remarks with the unfortunate situation that he went through except those heartbreaking and painful memories and trauma Tatay Alex experienced.

According to Tatay Alex’s son named Xian, the business which Raffy Tulfo helped them with has done so much in their life. The business that Atty. Villamor entrusted them helped the family a lot especially with the medications and healing process of Tatay Alex.

The products are proven effective and it really earns a lot now. Raffy Tulfo also asked any updates from Tatay Alex about the case he filed against alias “Linda” as well as the E-jeepney driver.

Tatay Alex withdraws his charges to the driver who was also one of the reasons why he suffered such a traumatic experience. Tatay Alex even commented that the E-driver may have thought that he really did something to alias “Linda” because he only heard the words of accusations of the woman and not the real scenario. But Tatay Alex strongly stands that his decision about alias “Linda’s” case will be irrevocable and nothing can ever change his mind already.

Tatay Alex had really experienced a lot from what happened but it was still a good thing that there are still some people who help them. Raffy Tulfo had also given him a limited edition Raffy Tulfo in Action Cherry Mobile Phone. May Tatay Alex get the justice he deserves!

Source: Rachfeed