Sarah Geronimo was welcomed dearly by her husband’s family as she becomes Mrs. Guidicelli!

Sarah Asher Tua Geronimo-Guidicelli or simply Sarah Geronimo is a 31-year-old Filipina singer, dancer, actress and record producer. She became prominent in 2002, after winning the television singing contest Star for a Night earning her a recording contract with Viva Records.

It was in November 2019 when the Popstar Royalty announced her engagement to long-time boyfriend, actor Matteo Guidicelli. They were secretly married in a Christian wedding at Victory Church, The Fort past six in the evening, Thursday night officiated by Senior Pastor Paulo Punzalan on February 20, 2020.

Their wedding has been a controversial one because there have been some reports wherein Sarah’s mother made a scene at the couple’s wedding. There was also some news that Matteo hurt one of Sarah’s personal bodyguards which were also featured in the popular show of Raffy Tulfo.

Aside from that, reports about Mommy Divine lifting a ban for Sarah and her now-husband Matteo surfaced on different social media platforms. But after all of those problems and struggles they have been through, the couple remained strong and in love with each other.

A lot of netizens were amazed and surprised by how the couple managed to go through everything. Because despite all the hardships they have been through, they are both happily married now.
As a matter of fact, photos of Sarah together with her husband’s family elicited a lot of reactions from the public. Sarah’s genuine smile, as well as her closeness with Matteo’s family, was really noticeable.

She seems to be happier and she feels really comfortable. Matteo’s family welcomed her with open arms into their family and it was really an amazing experience for Sarah who had gone to so many difficulties in life just because she loves someone who was not enough for her parents. It was a sad reality but we will never know what will happen in the next few months or years because we still believe that parents’ love and understanding for their children will always be beyond words.