Robin Padilla’s appreciation post for his beloved wife Mariel earned a lot of positive comments and reactions from people

Robinhood Ferdinand Cariño Padilla is a 50-year-old Filipino film actor, screenwriter, producer, and director. He is known as the “Bad Boy” of Philippine cinema for portraying antiheroic protagonist gangster roles in his films Anak ni Baby Ama, Grease GÜn Gang, Bad Boy 1, and Bad Boy 2, to name some.

He has four children with ex-wife Liezl: a son named Ali and three daughters: Queenie, Kylie, who are actresses, and Zhen-Zhen. It was back in November 2009 when he announced that he and Sicangco had div0rced two years earlier. On August 19, 2010, Robin and Mariel Rodriguez were married at the Taj Mahal in India.

The couple had met during his stint as a host of Wowowee. She gave birth to their daughter, Maria Isabella Padilla on November 14, 2016, in Delaware. On November 16, 2019, they welcomed their second daughter Maria Gabriella born in the United States as well.

It was just recently when a lot of netizens could not help but admire the veteran actor for expressing his love to his loving wife Mariel in one of his posts in his social media account. Robin expressed his gratefulness for all his wife’s sacrifices not just for their two lovely daughters but for their growing family as well. The public was very touched for the actor’s sweet and heartwarming message for his wife and to his adorable children. It has been the first Christmas of Baby Gabriella and they couldn’t be so happier.

It was indeed true that the greatest blessing we could ever have in this lifetime is to have such a wonderful and loving family. We may have all the money, fame, and power in the whole world but only the love of our family can make us feel secured, safe, and loved. May this be a reminder to everyone to be grateful for the things we have now especially to the people around us loving and supporting us.