Netizen expresses her side of the story about the Global spread of Corona V!rus and how the public heartlessly blames Chinese people!

It was just recently when the public was shocked by the news of this unknown v!rus which reportedly originated from Wuhan, China. It was really affecting a lot of people all over the world and many individuals are really scared that it can also take over their places because as of now there has been a lot of casualties and yet vaccines and any other medicines are not yet discovered.

A netizen named Helen Chen had recently shared on her social media account their side of the story as many people blame Chinese people for the spread of the frightening d!sease all over the globe. According to her, she is one of the million people affected in Wuhan right now but despite their struggles and the situation they are facing right now, it breaks her heart to see and to know the comments of people about Chinese people that they all deserve what they are experiencing right now.

She shared that Chinese New Year may be a simple celebration for some people but for them, it was more than just a simple celebration because it is a historical and traditional part of every Chinese national all over the globe. It is the only time of the year when Chinese families are reunited to eat a home-cooked meal together and celebrate with the family.

But unfortunately, because of what happened many people had been greatly affected. Hospital workers, nurses, and doctors didn’t have the chance to go home in their families and many of them are already exhausted for what happened in the past few days. Even the delivery man had loads of works to do because many families couldn’t go out to eat or buy their food. Construction workers also do everything to build new hospitals and other facilities.

What’s more heartbreaking is that some people blame every one of them. There may have some Chinese people who have terrible behaviors but innocent little children, elderly, pregnant women and persons with disability especially those working individuals and other responsible and kind-hearted Chinese people didn’t deserve everything they are experiencing right now.