Meet the beautiful and gorgeous mother of Iñigo Pascual and ex-GF of matinee idol Piolo Pascual

Piolo Jose Nonato Pascual better known as Piolo Pascual is a 43-year-old film and television actor, singer, model, and producer. He has a son and daughter, Iñigo Dominic Lázaro Pascual, and Alexandria Mesias who were born on September 14, 1997.

He is also the uncle of actor Benjamin Alves. One of his children, Iñigo Pascual amazes many people because of his impressive talents and skills. He is a singer, songwriter, and one of the most handsome actors of his generation.

He is also the singer behind the hit song “Dahil Sa’yo”. The famous song became popular with each and every Filipino people even cute little children knew the lyrics of the song.

Piolo and Iñigo really look the same and they have been an ideal father and son duo to many people. Their bonding moments were greatly admired by the public. As a matter of fact, they can regularly be seen performing in the Kapamilya variety show ASAP. But aside from Iñigo’s celebrity father, his mother is also beautiful, gorgeous, and young-looking. She is no other than, Donnabelle Lazaro, Piolo’s ex-partner.

She is a very private person. No wonder that the public knew very little about her. But despite that, she is very loving and caring to her son Iñigo as she was with him when they were still living abroad and even now that they already settled here in the Philippines, she always supports her son with all the decisions he makes.

True enough that Iñigo is blessed to have a great mother and father who loves him and supports him on the things he really wanted to pursue in life. Not every one of us is blessed with such loving and supportive parents like Iñigo.

That is why children should always be grateful for their loving parents. We should always thank our parents for all of their sacrifices and struggles just to give us the best of everything.