Gorgeous and beautiful “Bibingka” vendor from Cebu trends online because of her amazing beauty!

Many people seem very much busy with their lives today isn’t? It seems that most of them are very hard to gain their attention as they were always busy with their works, their computers, phones, and other gadgets. But as much as many people were occupied with so many things, this young and gorgeous lady from Cebu captured the attention of the public because of her undeniable breathtaking beauty.

According to some reports, the uploader of the photo couldn’t help it but capture a photo of this beautiful lady. The person who uploaded the viral photo was also an Admin of Facebook Page Darkroom Cebu whose name is Clark Laurent Dumon. The lovely young lady was later known as Cristy Cuizon, an 18-year-old Bibingka vendor from Danao City.

“We went to Danao to take photos of our friends who joined in the motocross race. She had a rare beauty and she was a very accommodating vendor,” Dumon shared on his post.
According to him, as soon as they saw the beautiful vendor, they immediately took a photo of her and posted it online.

It becomes viral online and a lot more people started to like her rare and admirable beauty even more. She is indeed a beautiful young lady which seems to be very simple, and very feminine. Even without cosmetics or make-up, her beauty stands out from the other.

As a matter of fact, some other netizens compared her to the Kapuso Primetime Queen Marian Rivera-Dantes.

After becoming famous online, there were also some reports that there was this popular beauty clinic from Cebu which offers free service for the lovely vendor. But because there was no contact number of her, they just posted it online.

True enough that you didn’t have to spend so much money, and to dress less and to show a lot of skin just to be able to make other people see your beauty and even see your worth. It was a great thing that there are still some people who appreciate simple beauty instead of anything else.