Angeline Quinto surprises the public as she knows how to sell street foods!

Angeline “Angge” Quinto is a 30-years-old Filipino singer, actress, and winner of “Star Power: Sharon’s Search for the Next Female Pop Superstar” in 2011. She is managed by ABS-CBN Talent arm, Star Magic.

She is one of the members of the Filipino girl group “DIVAS” along with KZ Tandingan, Yeng Constantino and Kyla. She was the only daughter of Pop Quiros and Rosemarie Susan Mabao.

Her father’s aunt, Sylvia Quinto, was the one who raised Angge. She grew up in Sampaloc, Manila and she was already aware that she was adopted and often kept in touch with her biological father even before, however, she never met her mother.

She was eventually reunited with her mother twenty-three years later in 2012. She is the cousin of singer-comedienne Rufa Mae Quinto. She participated in several singing competitions in her town but lost most of them.

Despite her failures, she still pursued her dreams and continued to compete in singing competitions. She would even sneak out of the house to join competitions.

Then came a night of a very special night where she won 3 different competitions in just one night. Her grandmother was so proud when she won Php7,000 and she even cooked a delicious dinner for her.

She is one of the most famous celebrities today who came from a poor family. But even though she already has the wealth and fame, she was still as humble and as simple as before.

As a matter of fact, she tried being a street food vendor for a while which really stuns a lot of her fans and supporters. Many of them couldn’t believe that their favorite singer can be a vendor in a day.

 Actually, even before she gains popularity in singing, she used to sell street foods and even until now she still knows how to do it. Netizens were astounded for her being so simple and humble even if she already has so much in life.