Alex Gonzaga and Alden Richards Discreetly Send Relief To Taal Victims

Relief operations overflow for Taal eruption survivors in Batangas. The government, together with private groups and known personalities in the showbiz industry joins together for a noble cause.


Through social media, we see how private individuals and showbiz personalities do their contribution to the recent disấster. In which, netizens fully appreciate may it be a small or big help. On the other hand, Alex Gonzaga and Alden Richards are being accused by netizens for not helping the Taal survivors.

Alex G. Hits Back

Alex Gonzaga, who just recently got engaged to his non-showbiz boyfriend / Lipa City Batangas Councilor Mikee Morada hits back on netizens who call her out for not sending help to Taal victims. Alex in a published tweet,

“I appreciate everyone na tumutulong sa nasalanta nating kababayan. However, boyfriend ko po konsehal ng Lipa at ako man po maraming kakilala sa Batangas kaya bago nyo pa po kami husgahan at idemand na tumulong naisip na ho namin yan. Hindi na po kailangan ipost ang tulong.”

No Escape for Alden

Even actor Alden Richards did not escape from the ridicule of netizens. One netizen claims that the actor is too busy with his tour and celebrating his birthday with fans at the Enchanted Kingdom. In lieu of the issue, Richard Faulkerson Sr., reacts against the netizens’ false claims last January 14. In defense, the latter showed his and Alden’s exchange of messages showing that the actor is borrowing a specific amount for his pledge. Alden also requests to leave the money at a fast-food restaurant he owns in Biñan, Laguna which is one of the places affected by the disấster. Alden’s dad replies to the netizen,

“Isang tao pa lang yan boss. Kahapon 7:15 ng umaga kahit malayo sya dun sa dapat mabigyan ng tulong, may ginagawa na yan. Thank you.”

The actor silently sends help to Taal victims without mentioning it to social media.