A 38-year old div0rced woman marries a 23-year-old man after she gave her in-laws 5 million Yuan or more than 38 million peso Dowry!

Parents wanted their children to succeed in life, marry the right and the best person for them, and to settle down at the right age and to have their own kids as well. Although, many people believe in the saying that “age is just a number”, there were still some parents who never wanted their beloved children to marry another person who is far older than them. But the story of this bride seems to be interesting because she found out a solution for her future in-laws to agree with their wedding.

The wedding of this 38-year old woman to a who had been div0rced with her previous marriage went viral on different social media platforms as she married a man 15 years younger than her. According to some reports, the mother of the 23-year-old groom is just a year older than his bride. At first, the groom’s parents didn’t agree with their wedding but the bride convinced them as she gave them 660,000 Yuan (USD 104,379), some real estate properties, and a Ferrari from the bride which has a total of 5 million Yuan, equivalent to USD 790,750 or 36,768,989.50 in Peso.

According to some reports, the extravagant wedding happened in Hainan province in China. The bride was wearing a classic white wedding gown with heavy gold accessories while the young groom was wearing his smart tuxedo. The newlywed couple couldn’t contain their happiness after their wedding ceremony as they ride in a red sports car.

As many people believed that their love for each other is genuine, there were some people who commented that the bride was actually the groom’s sugar mommy before and she got pregnant by him that is why they ended up getting married.

Although those rumors were not yet proven, everyone else wishes the couple all the best for their new journey in their married life.