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Jerich Rosales came back and told her that she can now take a photo of them.

Jericho Rosales better known as Jericho Vibar Rosales in real life is a 39-year old actor, model, endorser and businessman from Quezon, City. He was a fish vendor and a service crew before he rose to fame and started his career in the show business. He was first known as the grand winner of Eat Bulaga’s “Mr. Pogi” talent search. He is also tagged as the “Asia’s Prince of Dramas” because of his amazing talent in acting and his outstanding and award-winning performances.

Recently, he had made rounds in different social media platforms because of the attitude he had shown with one of his fans. Famous personalities are often judged by the public on how they treat other people behind the camera, especially when there are fans, supporters or normal individuals who wished to have a photo with their favorite celebrities. But there are also some factors why they couldn’t fulfill our wish. First, maybe their managers do not allow them to do anything that would interrupt their filming of a show, a movie or a program. Second, maybe they are with their families and with respect to them and their privacy they rather not entertain the crowd who wanted photos with them.

Third, maybe he or she was very busy attending something that they could not waste even a second of their time. And lastly, they just ignore their fans and supporters.

A netizen named Dennish Diane had shared an experience with the actor Jericho Rosales where she pointed out why the actor could not allow her to have a photo with her. She was surprised when he approached the actor and asked if she can take a photo with him but the actor could not grant her wish as of the moment because he was busy looking for a store. But after 30 minutes, she was surprised that the actor came back and told her that she can now take a photo of them.