Yellow Bus Lane Policy was implemented in EDSA and had been a great help to lighten the traffic!

A lot of Filipino commuters were glad to know about the video that was shared by the commander of Task Force Special Operations of Metropolitan Manila Development Authority Edison “Bong” Nebrija in his social media account.

On the said video, it seems like a miracle that EDSA, known to have very heavy traffic, is now very smooth and wide traffic situation last March 11, 2019.

Nebrija showed on the said viral video that they strictly implemented the yellow bus lane policy and that was the reason for the light and smooth traffic situation in EDSA that day. On the said video, city buses were on the two lanes that were assigned to them, despite the two long queues of city buses, the other lanes for other vehicles were available.

It has been a very big problem to the authorities about the long queues of cars especially during rush hours in EDSA where city buses tend to use the other lanes for other vehicles. The undisciplined city bus drivers are the cause of heavy traffic in the area as well as some street accidents as they were all racing to get all the passengers.

Source: DF