Wife surprised her husband with a gift for he is not one of the million followers of Ivana Alawi!

Ivana Alawi is one of the most talked-about personalities in social media nowadays. She already gained more than a million followers and a million views on her social media accounts. Even though she is only a beginner being a celebrity vlogger she was already admired by many people for her genuine and unique personality. She is beautiful, gorgeous and bubbly as she is.

It was just recently when stories of wives and girlfriends of some Filipino men surfaced online as those men like Ivana’s social media posts more than their girlfriend’s or their wife’s posts. But as much as there were angry and jealous women out there, there was this lucky husband who got an amazing surprise from his loving wife. His wife gifted him his dream shoes and she also had a very hilarious message for him saying, “Dahil hindi mo pina-follow si Ivana, may shoes ka, Wuv You!”

According to Lloyd Mejia’s Facebook post which features a photo of his new pair of shoes, he captioned it with “Sigurado after nito, mababawasan followers ni Ivana Thank You Love!” He also tagged his wife Cristelle Canales on his social media post which earned countless reactions and comments from the netizens.

Some netizen was also inspired and commented that hopefully, they would also receive a pair of shoes from their wife or girlfriend for not following the social media accounts of the gorgeous celebrity. It was really a wonderful experience for couples to show their love for their special someone. The price of their gifts doesn’t really matter but it was the thought and the sincerity you have in your heart as you gave him or her a surprise gift.


True enough that the husband who received such an amazing gift from his wife feels loved and “kilig” despite the long years they have been together. It seems that they opened the eyes of many people out there in dealing with their husband and wife and to lessen the arguments as well.