Vice Ganda and Kuya Escort Ion Perez finally spoke up about the real score between them!

Who would have not known the “Unkaboggable Vice Ganda”? His amazing talent, and incredible sense of humor that can always make anyone laugh. No wonder that watching him in “It’s Showtime”every day can immediately turn our not-so-good day to a bright one.

But recently, the online community was shocked to know about the alleged post of Vice Ganda on his social media account requesting if people can just let him be happy. Following the said post were the stolen photos of Vice Ganda together with Charo Santos, Bea Alonzo, and Kuya Escort Ion Perez.

Ion Perez seems crying on the said photos and there was an explanation after the photos saying that Kuya Escort was cornered by the ABS-CBN executive Charo Santos and actress Bea Alonzo asking about his true relationship with the award-winning comedian and “It’s Showtime” regular host. According to the statement on the photo, Ion said that he was already tired about people asking their true relationship and that if you really love someone, you should always be proud of that special person.

Source: Facebook