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Vic Sotto’s Hongkong vacation with his wife Pauleen Luna and his children amazes a lot of their fans and supporters!

Time is very important to many of us, at work, with our studies, and especially with our family. We should also invest our time and efforts with our families and spending time with them can really be a great help. When you have enough time with your family, you will be able to strengthen and built your bond with each other.

But unfortunately, with our busy schedules, and a lot of commitments, what can we do to have quality time with our family? Maybe a a family vacation, a time to eat together as a family, or maybe a movie date will do?

Parents also need to spend time with their children especially if their children are still young. Through their young minds, this is the best time for them to be guided and nurtured by their beloved parents. Parents are the ones responsible to guide, nurture and discipline their children, that is why they should always made time for their family.

That is why despite the busy schedules of this celebrities they never forget to make time for their family and a lot of people were really inspired by them. Vic Sotto together with his family spent some time together abroad. Despite his busy schedule as a host, actor, and comedian, he always made sure that he makes time for his family.

A lot of his fans and supporters were very glad to saw the photos of Vic together with his wife Pauleen and his two children, Danica and Paulina. They really seem very happy together. They even tagged Oyo Boy, Kristine, Vico, Mark Pangris, and Baby Tali who were not there and that they really missed them already.

No wonder that they really enjoyed each others company with their Hongkong vacation. That is what family really means, being together in times of happiness and being united in times of sorrow and struggles in life.