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Veteran actor Eddie Garcia: “Retirement? Not in my vocabulary.”

We admire a number of famous Filipino personalities in the show business industry even until today. Not only those new and young stars in the industry are known to be admirable and amazing but there are also some veteran actors and actresses that earned our utmost respect and admiration. Veteran and multi-awarded actor Eddie Garcia is certainly one of them.

Even though he was nearly 90 years old, he emphasized that retirement was never in his vocabulary. He had also said that acting has been his profession and as long as there are people who wanted to watch hin and producers who wanted him to be part of their projects, he will still continue his job, his craft. The veteran actor had also shared that he used to visit many places and meet different kinds of people everyday, unlike office jobs that you are used to the same environment every single day. He also commented that his profession was never boring.

He had been applauded by many people in his recent portrayal of a gay character in Joel Lamangan’s film entitled “Rainbow Sunset”. He portrayed as a retired senator named Ramon who had admitted that he was actually gay despite his old age. Another multi-awardee actor Tony Mabesca and Gloria Romero had also been a part of the outstanding movie. The story began to be complicated as Ramon’s children portrayed by Tirso Cruz III, Sunshine Dizon, and Aiko Melendez could not accept the fact that their father was a gay and he chose to take care of his partner Fredy portrayed by Mabesca.


Eduardo Verchez García or simply Eddie Garcia is an 89-year old actor and director commonly known as “Manoy”. He was born on May 2, 1929, in Sorsogon. He already had more than 300 films as of 2011. He also had the most number of appearances in Philippine movies. He was actually the only individual to be inducted in three categories in the FAMAS Hall of Fame: Best Actor, Best Supporting Actor, and Best Director.