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Troy Montero shared some useful daddy tips as a loving father to his children

Cody Andrew Garabato Miller III, professionally known as Troy Montero is a 42-year-old actor and matineed idol. He was born to an American father of German and Irish ancestry, and a U.S. born Filipina mother. It was in 2008 when he and girlfriend Aubrey Miles had a baby boy named Hunter at St. Luke’s Medical Center Quezon City. He is the brother of KC Montero and Colby Miller.

Now that he already left show business, he is now a dedicated family man to his wife and children. He is married to Aubrey Santos Sandel, popularly known as Aubrey Miles and they are now raising their three kids. He also treats Aubrey’s first child with former boyfriend JP Obligacion, Maurie, as his own child. For him, Maurie is his eldest child. Now that they already have a teen-ager son, pre-teen son Hunter and baby Rocket their family is now a perfect family picture.

He can says that he is very hands-on when it comes to his children and that he can even change diapers even if blindfolded. During the Pamper’s Super Brand Day, he had shared some useful tips to many parent out there on how he cares for his children. He revealed that being a father to his kids makes him feel young all over again. Their children has a big age gap which they planned on purpose. They wanted to enjoy each and every year as their baby was born that is why they didn’t rush having babies very soon.

He also added that it was a great idea to have children in big age gap so that they can focus on each child when their eldest was on school, the other one is growing up as well, they can also watch their baby grow every single day. Their eldest child can also understand why their little siblings are getting more attention.

They would often travel with their children which gives them a lot of time bonding with each other. He explained further that parents should spend time with their children, to never sleep angry with wife, husband, or kids, be there for your kids, stay healthy, and do not forget to discipline your children.