Train staff kneeled down for almost an hour just to comfort a crying passenger and even wipes off her tears!

The Philippines is known to be one of the most hospitable countries in the world. We, Filipinos, are very caring when it comes to our guests may it be in our and other establishments. Nothing compares to the way we give services to people regardless of their gender, age, and nationality. Just like this Train staff from comforted one of their passengers who was crying on her seat.

She even kneeled down for almost an hour just to accompany the crying passenger and she even wipes off her tears. She even gave her a massage to calm her a little bit. According to some reports, the woman received bad news which caused her to cry so much. As the young and beautiful train staff saw her, she didn’t think twice about helping out the crying passenger. After some time, she even assisted the woman as she gets off the train.

A lot of netizens were very amazed at how the train staff treated the passenger. Not all of the train staff we encounter every day can treat us that way. It was truly beyond their job description but their passion and commitment to giving outstanding service to their customers were really admirable. Many netizens even commented that the beautiful and gorgeous train staff is not just beautiful outside but she is also beautiful inside as her heart is so genuine and kind to those people who need comfort and assistance.

This Taiwanese train staff was really an amazing inspiration to a number of service staff over the world that even though there are some things that are not actually under their job description, there are still people who go beyond that and continue helping those customers in need!

This video earned many comments from netizens, here are some of them:

“Such kindness, also I’m from the UK and all I could think was that’s a very clean train and look how wide the aisle is!!! Joking aside though she was so lovely”, Sue Frost said.

“A Commendable and remarkable young lady with a big heart. She showed and demonstrated her great kindness and tremendous compassion when someone needs to be comforted”, Patrick Lam said.