This woman amazed the public of her admirable beauty despite her working as a “porter”!

When we saw a stunning and gorgeous looking woman, we might often say that she can really earn a lot when she enters show business because of her looks and physical features.

She can be an actress, model, endorser, performer, dancer or singer. But this beautiful lady from Hong Kong has all the physical attributes a celebrity could actually have but she prefers working such a manly work, to be a porter.

She is now viral on YouTube after she was interviewed and she was later known as Zhua Qian Pei. A lot of people were amazed by her at first glance. Many people could believe that she works as a porter because of her gorgeous physique. Her beauty looks like a lead actress in an Asianovela while her porcelain skin was really admirable. There were also a number of people who would often take a selfie of her as she carries heavy baggage in the pier. Some people thought that she was really an actress doing a sh00t in the place.

She is not a beginner on her job as she has been working as a porter for 10 years already. She stays in the job because of her big salary, she is earning about HKD13,000 to HKD14,000 or about P86,000 to P125,000.

Her salary depends on how heavy the products she will be carrying every day. She really enjoys her job as this also serves as a workout for her. She also maintains her active and strong physique and she doesn’t have to hit the gym. She had also revealed that she tried some other jobs like being an office girl, hotel and restaurant staff, and a maintenance officer.

Because of her stunningly beautiful and gorgeous appearance, she was recognized as the “most beautiful porter” at Asian Lara Croft. She admitted that sometimes she gets tired of her line of work that is why she is planning to buy her own delivery truck when she had already saved enough money.