This traffic cop captured the hearts of many people as he gives an old man a piggyback ride across a busy street

The public was surprised to see the CCTV video of this uniformed policeman helping out an old man who had trouble walking down the road. A CCTV footage of a traffic cop giving the old man a piggyback ride surfaced in different social media platforms and inspired a lot of people. The viral video happened in a busy intersection in Southwest China’s Sichuan province.

On the CCTV footage, the elderly man finds it difficult to walk in a busy street and was crossing the road with a pair of walking sticks. Before he was able to cross the busy road, the light went green and the traffic slowly resumed the old man. Fortunately, there was this policeman on duty named Win Weijie who came to the rescue.

He immediately approached him and offered him to carry him on his back to finally get him across the road. Even some cars paused for a while to let them pass. They also rest for a while at the middle of the road because the policeman let the old man rest for a while because he might be tired of crossing the street. The traffic cop earned a lot of admiration to the public as well as his colleagues because his act of kindness is not something you can witness every day.

The heartwarming scenario happened during rush hour in the morning at the junction near Sanhui overpass at Mianyang in Sichuan province. The said footage was actually shared on the Mianyang Traffic Police Brigade’s official Weibo account, a social media platform of Chinese people. A lot of netizens expressed their gratitude over the police officer who helped the old man.

Many of them commented on how the old man reminded everyone to help other people especially those people in need. He was a great inspiration to other policemen as well.