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This teacher was very emotional after she saw her students’ ungrateful reaction towards her “keychain” Christmas gift for them!

Christmas season is a season of giving and remembering the birth of our lord Jesus Christ. Many Filipino families celebrates this season together through family reunions, serving and preparing delectable and sumptuous dishes for the whole family, and gift-giving as well. This Filipino family tradition became a tradition to other workplaces and even in other institutions and school.

Students love to celebrate Christmas parties together with their classmates and teachers. Unfortunately, there was the story of this teacher that immediately went viral online for her sad experiencing because of the Christmas gifts she had given her students.

The teacher was later known as Teacher Kathlene Jane Mendoza. She wanted to give something for her students even though some of her friends disagree with her idea.
“I prepared these keychains two weeks before Christmas Party. I wanted to give them a gift as a sign of my love for them. My friend made these keychains possible for me. Yung iba nagtaka pa, kasi bakit ko pa nga daw bibigyan sila ng regalo eh sakit sila sa ulo, sa lalamunan. But still I want to give it.” The teacher said.
On the day of their Christmas Party, the loving teacher gave her students her simple Christmas gift for them, but sadly, only few of them thanked her.
“Until the Christmas Party came, I gave them the keychains one by one. Some people said thank you. But you know what is the most unforgettable thing they’ve said is? ‘Cher, ito lang regalo mo samin? Kaya din namin bumili nito eh!'”, the teacher continued.

It was really hurtful as she heard those words from her students. But then she realized that no matter what she would do for them, they will all think that it will never be enough. This was a sad reality but an eye-opener to people as well. It garnered an enormous number of comments, shares, and reactions from the netizens.