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This student went viral because of the 200 scholastic medals she achieved and kept for many years!

It was such a privilege and a blessing to many young people in our generation today to enjoy their time studying and finishing their college education. Despite poverty, financial and personal issues there is still youth who dreams of getting into the stage and accepting their college diplomas. But what’s more fulfilling is that as you received your diploma you also had to receive your academic awards and medals that had been the fruit of your hard work and patience.

This 16-year old student from Lingayen, Pangasinan recently amazed the netizens as she went viral together with her collection of over 200 medals that she received from different school activities at her school. The student was known to be April Christelle T. De Leon, posting her medals and a caption: “These memories will forever be treasured and will always be with me wherever I go. Goodbye Lingayen, Pangasinan.”
She was actually the smartest student in her batch. Actually, from Grade 1 to Grade 10, she excelled as the top in her class. In Grade 6, she graduated valedictorian.

She was the only one in the Junior High School class to receive a general average higher than 98%. She is not just a smart student as she also participates in some other school activities like quiz bowls. She is also a young journalist that represents their school in various competitions.

“I was able to represent my schools – Lingayen I Central School and Pangasinan National in national finals of different contests for nine times,” she revealed.
She is not just a brainy student because she is also a beauty queen title holder crowned as Lakambini ng Wika, Miss A1, Miss United Nations, and Miss Earth.


Source: rachfeed.com