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This saleslady was surprised to know about the intention of this old man as he went inside their car shop!

Recently, the story of this saleslady went viral online and a lot of people was amazed to know the story behind her and an old man who went inside a car shop where she works.

Unlike any other customer, this old man looks like a beggar. Despite his looks, this saleslady still accommodated the old man and attends on his needs. She even offered him a drink when the old man revealed that he just went inside to have some cool air as it was very hot outside.

The lady let the man sit on the sofa intended only for the customers but the old man said that his clothes were dirty to sit on the sofa. The lady also finds the old man looking for cars and trucks outside.

When the lady asked him if he is going to buy a truck, the old man immediately told the lady that he is just a poor farmer, but despite that, she still entertained the old man and she stated the descriptions of the trucks in front of them.

Little did she know that the old man is actually a rich and successful farmer who plans to buy 18 trucks from her.


Source: Famoustrends