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This retired US Navy Officer seek help against his “gold-digger” Balut vendor ex-girlfriend

We are all fond of beautiful lovestories isn’t? We actually have our own lovestories to tell our beloved children. This retired navy officer and a balut vendor fell in love when they first met but eventually turned sour afterwards. The old man had to seek help to Raffy Tulfo’s program, “Raffy Tulfo in Action”.

He was later known as the 69-year-old Albert Frio to asked help against the 29-year-old Ronelyn Solis who were in a relationship for nearly 4 years. According to the old man, he was supporting his girlfriend all through those years but Ronelyn would cheat on him to younger men. He had actually forgiven her three times already and accepted her everytime he would discover about her unfaithfulness, unfortunately on the fourth time she got pregnant by another guy!

The loving retired navy officer told her that he will forgive her again if she will come back to him but she refused. He also told her that he would take back everything he gave her if she will not come back to him. The old man wanted her to give him back a total of P4 million pesos, Ronelyn said that he can only give him P30,000 in installment as she had no money, no job, and 6-months pregnant.

Albert told Raffy that Ronelyn recently returned his ATM but she had spend all the money on it. According to Raffy, Albert can do nothing about it anymore as he had given his ATM card and its PIN to Ronelyn freely and whatever she do to the amount of money on it he can never do anything about it anymore.

Ronelyn had also explained that she was indeed a balut vendor when they first met, she said that she really worked hard, and used the money she won at the casino to build her own house. The capital she used in the casino came from Alberto.

Raffy commented that he could not help Albert as he should have known better that giving his own money to a young lady so that she can enjoy the casino is just a waste of money. Albert insisted that Ronelyn should pay him P1 million pesos if she couldn’t give a total of P4 million pesos but Raffy advised him to take their case to court because Ronelyn doesn’t have the ability to pay him with such amount.

Source: Tulfo