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This practical mother defended herself against the negative judgment of people with her choice of asking diaper and milk as presents for her daughter’s birthday!

Maybe it was just a natural thing for mothers to prioritize their children and family more than anything else. She would always think of what is best for her children. That would be one of the greatest thing that describes a mother. No wonder that the story of this mother inspires other mothers as well as in ensuring the good for her child. As her daughter turns two years old, she would not ask for any toys and material things as present but diapers and milk would definitely be a big help.

It was just recently when Mae Mhella went viral on different social media platforms because of her controversial post about her preferred gift for her daughter’s birthday. She told everyone that it is much better for them to bring a certain type of powdered milk and diapers instead of preparing a toy, clothes or a shoes for her daughter’s present.

Her daughter is Nathalie Briella who celebrated her second birthday together with their closed friends and family members. Before her birthday, her mother Mae posted an invitation on her social media accounts saying all the details and information for her upcoming birthday celebration.

The said post had earned a lot of reactions and comments from many social media netizens. A lot of them had negative comments towards Mae as she indicates what presents they would want to receive after throwing a birthday party celebration for her daughter. But there are also some people who commended her for what she have done.

The wish was granted by their families and friends. According to Mae, there maybe a lot of people who are mad on her because of what she did what she cleared everything about it and explained herself that she just wanted to ensure the basic needs of her daughter after she spent some money on her daughter’s birthday celebration. She also added that she was just being practical in what she did.