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This poor balut vendor could do nothing to save his baluts from going into waste after his cart was confiscated!

There are a lot of street vendors here in the Philippines. There are people who use their cart to sell their goods, some sell some delectable “kakanin”, and some are “balut” vendors. Although all of these are dignified and noble businesses, street vendors still have to follow the rules and regulations under them.

There are actually places where street food vendors are not allowed to sell their products as they leave garbages and trash on the area that affects normal activities in the area. But because of the high volume of customers, they could not help but take their risks.

Just like this scenario that was witnessed by a netizen. It actually happened in Colon Street in Cebu City. Authorities came and had undergone their clearing operation on the street and a lot of carts are confiscated. The netizen understood that the authorities only did what they should do with regards to the illegal selling of products in restricted areas. But as the netizen saw the poor vendor and all of his merchandise gone into waste, it was really a heartache.

The netizen also commented that it should never have happened if only they follow the rules. But the authorities should also be sensitive and considerable enough for the vendors who just wanted to earn some money for their family.

Here are some of the comments and reactions of some netizens:
“Yan diyan sila magaling. naghahanap buhay ng matino yong tao. sana naman kariton lang ang kinuha hindi yong ganyanin ang paninda.”

“Sakit naman sa dibdib makita ito nagtatrabaho ng marangal. Kung lumabag man sa batas, warningan ulit. Sana inisip din ng gumawa nito may pamilyang naghihintay sa kita niya.”

“Sana kinuha na lang yung kariton at binayaan nalang.”

True enough that this story should be a life lesson to other Filipino people all over the country to obey rules but never forget to still be humane.