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This netizen judged two men holding their hands while walking!

This netizen posted a photo of two men holding each other as he went home from work. He had also captioned the photo with his not-so-nice comment about the two. Brer Hart Parallag Tungpalan captioned the photo with “Pauwi ka na galing work tapos makakakita ka ng ganito, sarap pag-untugin. Sayang ang pagkalalake.”  A lot of people had commented on the said post of the netizen. As the LGBTQ community had been supported by many Filipinos ever since. Some commented that you should never judge people based on their gender or gender preferences and you should never ever condemned other people for they were just being true to themselves. Many adviced the netizen to learn how to respect people especially when they did not do anything bad on you. As mature individuals, we should also be sensitive and concerned in other people’s feelings because they can also be hurt by those words.



Source: DailyPedia