This mother buys her daughter a phone as a reward for being a top achiever at school!

Parents can do anything for their children whatever that may cost them, they can do everything for the sake of their beloved children. Our parents are happy for us happy but they were really in pain when we are s!ck or when we are heartbroken. It is not the material things that count for them but the smile that they can see in their children’s faces.

That is why a lot of people were amazed by the story of this loving mother that was shared by the “K and L Marketing” Lapu-Lapu branch in Cebu. She was later known as Vilma Jayme.
According to the viral photos, Nanay Vilma has a lot of coins to pay for the phone she bought for her 16-year-old daughter. The amount of coins in the pictures is actually more than P3,000 as the mother purchased an old model of iPhone. The money came from her and his husband’s savings who work in a vulcanizing shop. They decided to buy their daughter a phone to help her with her studies. Their daughter is also an honor student and that was the least they can do for their daughter.

A lot of netizens could not help but admire the parents for being so supportive and loving to their child. They may have difficulty when it comes to their finances but they were able to reward their daughter the best thing they could ever give her. They are expecting their daughter to be more inspired and motivated at school. True enough that it was not the money or any material things that count but the love and the intention of the parents for their child. She was indeed a lucky child to have such wonderful and amazing parents. Not everyone is blessed to have them, which is why we should all be thankful every single day that we have amazing parents who always support us and loves us unconditionally.