This mother always say that it would be her last pregnancy even until her 21st baby

The many, the merrier as the famous lines we all knew goes. A lot of friends, best friends, and even siblings. Happiness brings to have a lot of friends and siblings in your life is immeasurable and priceless. The feeling when you are surrounded by a lot of people who love and support you is also one of the best feelings in this world you could ever experience.

But what if you are actually 21 children in the family? Would this help in solving some problems in the family or would this be an additional burden in the family because of the big number of members in the family? Nowadays, having more than five children in our household is a very difficult situation for an average Filipino family. That is why a lot of people tend to prioritize and give importance to family planning.

The story of this couple will definitely amaze you as they really have a big family! Sue and Noel Radford recently welcomed their 21st child on November 13. According to the couple, it was really hard to have a big family to support but the happiness they have will always be above all. Sue was only 14 years old when she gave birth to their first baby. When she was already 18 years old, they decided to marry and it was followed by an additional blessing in their family. Until she was pregnant again by their other baby the following year. At the age of 43-years-old, Sue promised that this would be her last pregnancy but this has always been her used lines in every pregnancy she had.

Their family was considered as the biggest family in Britain with 23 members. True enough that the foundation of a family was never on the number of its members. Because small or big what’s more important is the love, respect, and unity in the family.