This man was admired by the public because of his incredible skill in making mini “house coin bank” despite him being a handicap!

Making and designing a miniature house was indeed not an easy thing to do but it really requires a lot of patience and hard work. This also requires a lot of detailed and precise plans before it can be done.

That is why a lot of netizens were amazed as this skillfully handicapped man amazingly makes miniature houses that are actually used as coin banks. The story of this man was shared on social media by a concerned netizen known as Baby Princess Lila Gamboa. According to her, the colorful and creative designs of this miniature houses was made by a man who was later known as Edgar Lopez Celis.

Though it was not mentioned on the post about his handicap, people noticed that he was very thin and his arms was not also aligned. He is currently living in Purok Don Juan, Brgy. Kenram Isulan, Sultan, Kudarat.

He make these miniature house coin banks as a hobby before and as days past by many people loved his work and many of them buy some of his miniature house coin banks. His creation was made out of cartons that was bonded together and could not be damaged easily.

It usually took him one week to one month in planning and completing his work of art but it also depends on the requests of his customers. Mang Edgar was the only one who do all the process in making his miniature house coin banks from painting and completing everything to make a beautiful product after. He was very detailed on his products as it also has windows, doors, stairs and even a light on it!

The cost of his miniature house coin banks ranges from 500 to 3,000 pesos depending on the size and the design the customers want. True enough that nothing can stop you from doing what you love and for showcasing your talent and skills to many people.