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This man swim a 2-kilometer river to avoid traffic and not to be late at work!

Because of the severe traffic pollution, we are experiencing in our country nowadays, a lot of commuters tend to lost their patience every single time they went out to ride their private vehicles or even going to work via public transportation.

That is why this 45-year old man from Germany known to be Benjamin David find an alternative way to avoid extreme traffic. Instead of communicating every single day going to his office, he prefers to swim the 2 kilometer Isar River that routes from his home to his workplace. According to him, he prefers in swimming 2 kilometers than be late on his way to work as the streets were covered congested by so many numbers of vehicles.

Every morning, he would often cover and ensure that his things going to work are all secured on getting wet and he then wears his swimming trunks with his rubber sandals to protect his feet from big stones and sharp objects in the river. He would also bring with him a towel, a laptop and his shoes using a waterproof bag that he also uses as a floating device as he swims.

It would often take him 30 minutes before he reached his destination. As he goes up from the river, he would just let himself dry for a couple of minutes and changed his clothes at their office. With this, he was also very happy to do this as this also had a lot of benefits for his body and his health as it is also a great form of exercise. But before that, he always put his safety firsts as he would always check first the water level and its temperature before going to a swim.

But whenever that weather is not that good for a swim, he would usually come back from his usual way of transportation going to work.