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This man looks poor but he shocked everyone as he bought an expensive Harley Davidson worth $24,000!

People often times judge others on the way they dressed, speak, or act. Maybe it was unintentional but it just came naturally to most of us. But believe it or not, it was not a good trait to have.

Recently, this poor-looking man from Thailand had gone to different bike shops. Most of its employees ignore and did not entertain the old man as he was wearing oversized clothes and dirty pants, his beard and mustache were obviously unkept.


Fortunately, there was this shop that entertained the old man and was very hospitable to assist him despite his physical looks.

Many people were actually shocked to witness that he bought a Harley Davidson worth $24,000 in cash! Who would have thought that a poor-looking man like him would actually buy an expensive vehicle in cash? True enough that we should never ever judge a book by its cover because we will never know what they really are.