This man couldn’t choose between his two girlfriends that is why he married them both!

Would you believe that there was this man who married his two girlfriends because he just can’t choose between them? A lot of people were left in awe while some are actually scratching their heads because of this news.

The one who shared the viral photos of the confused but loving man is no other than the groom’s cousin, Jimmy Jim. Photos of the unusual wedding were shared online on September 27, 2019,, in Semporna in Sabah, Malaysia. In the said viral post, he revealed that he fell in love with only one of the ladies at the end. For some time they have been together; they are both from Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia.

Until now, the groom was still unidentified. According to some reports, he already has a girlfriend even before he started working in a tourist center. On his workplace, he met another girl and he had fallen in love with her as well.

Many people said that the groom was actually a womanizer or a “two-timer” but the groom seems not to care at all. And because he thought that he loves both of the women equally and couldn’t decide of who to marry first that is why he married them both at the same day.

The groom can actually marry up to three women because he is a Muslim. But the usual set up will be for him to marry a woman first and he will get the consent of his first wife if ever he will be planning to marry another woman.

Some people actually agreed on the groom’s decision to marry both of his two girlfriends at the same day for him to save money and to lessen his expenses but the two brides seem to be Ünhappy with what happened. If you are on the bride’s shoe will it be okay for you to share such special day with another woman?