This man amazed everyone with his excellent skill on making tricycle miniature despite him being a handicapped!

Many of us are guilty of complaining a lot of things that we encounter every single day. We oftentimes forget that we have our own struggles and difficulties in life. Especially now that there are a lot of high-technology gadgets that we enjoy which eventually results to us being dependent to those gadgets.Many people usually doesn’t have any contentment and satisfaction with the things they have.

As a matter of fact there were some people who choose to go under the knife just to change some of their physical features. But there were also individuals who just wanted to have a complete set of body parts.Just like this man who just wanted to be like any other normal person. But despite of having incomplete body parts, he did not put himself down but he made it as an inspiration to be a better person. He is currently residing in Dumaguete City.
This man went viral online because of the miniature tricycles and trucks he made. He revealed that he learned making such amazing creations through his employer in “Ct Limit Digital Electronic Service Center” where he had worked before. Even though his creations are miniature, they are very detailed and seems to be a small version of the original tricycle or trucks.

For those who wanted to buy some of his creations, you can visit Art Workshop of Susan Canoy at the second floor of Robinson’s Place Dumaguete. His amazing products cost from P500 to P1,800. This serves as a great inspiration for those people who judged others with their physical features and appearance, because it would never define any individual’s success in life and importance in our society.

This man will be a great inspiration as well to those people who have the same condition as this man that people like them still have a great value in our society and they can do whatever things they love or they wanted to do as long as they are happy about it and no person being harmed at all.