This kid went viral online as his Halloween costume was actually water and an electric bill!

Halloween month has come and as we are used to celebrating Halloween, we also do not forget about the All Saints Day and All Souls Day. This is the time that we get together and visit our loved ones who passed away. Many of us would often bring candles, and flowers for their beloved loved ones in the cemetery as we say our prayers for them.

We also knew about the “Trick or Treat” event of many children where they are going to wear different scary and terr!fying costumes as they went from door to door asking for treats.
A certain netizen shared a photo of this kid who immediately went viral online because of the amazing creativity of his Halloween costume. The netizen was later known as Nexil S. Palabrica. He shared a photo of one of the kids included in the “Trick or Treat” event. The kid doesn’t need to have any prosthetics or make-up transformation because the water and electric bill on his shirt were already very scary, isn’t?

Would you even believe that the kid’s costume was known as “Judith”. It was called such name because of the term “due date” and with all the expenses and due dates at home, you will definitely get scared! A lot of netizens could not help but laugh and hilariously leave comments on the viral post. Many people can really relate to the kid’s one of a kind Halloween costume. The mother of the kid received a lot of praises from the netizens as well because of how brilliant her ideas are to let her son wear such a very scary costume for the “Trick or Treat” event. It was really an amazing experience to see such a costume in events where we usually see scary outfits of many children.