This kid in Peru was found doing his homework along the street because they do not have electricity at home!

For a brighter future, this 12-year-old kid from the city of Moche in Peru was very determined to finish his homework at the street where there are streetlights as his parents don’t have enough money for their electricity because of p0verty. According to some reports, the kid was known to be Victor Martin Angulo Cordoba who was very determined to accomplish his homework at the side of the street.

The heartbreaking photo of the child went viral on different social media platforms as he seems not to notice all the passersby on the street just to finish his homework. The Moche police department was the one responsible for the photos of the kid that went viral. One of the staff of the police department saw the hardworking child as he was reviewing the security cameras of the area. The kid was seen sitting at the side of the street. They were all very curious about what the child was doing that is why they zoom the camera in and they were all surprised to saw the kid reading and writing under the streetlights.

The determination was clearly seen on the child despite the hardships and struggles in life he and his family encounters. The police department immediately shares what they saw online to give inspiration and lesson to many other people especially students to study hard and be grateful for a lot of things they have.

The viral video and photos of the child garnered over 5 million views and earned a lot of positive feedbacks and comments from the netizens.

It has also been a worldwide headline where the local media tried to find the child and where he resides to interview him. The mother of the child, Rosa Cordoba Angula admits that they are a poor family and they could not afford to have and to pay for electricity. Though Victor finds it very hard to study every single day on the side of the street, he doesn’t have any plans on giving up as he wanted his family to progress.