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This is what US Navy and US Marines Corp do for fun in different oceans all over the world!

It was never easy being away from your family, your home and your comfort zone. But these people had to be used to it for them to be overcome loneliness and homesickness. They are the US Navy and the US Marine Corps. And for them to ease even a little bit of their homesickness, loneliness, and stress they are given an opportunity to enjoy the waters of different oceans all over the world. Interesting isn’t?

It was actually a tradition that dates back on World War II when ships sailed for several miles offshore and they let their crew relax in the water for some time. It is known as the “swim call”, a rare treat that allow sailors to enjoy and relax in the open sea. Would you believe that as their crew relaxes, the bosses serve as their lifeguards? Guarding them and protecting them from sharks or sea snakes? Sailors and marines swim near their vessels and those who do not want to swim will be the one to keep an eye on the sharks and secure the perimeter.

They also have those huge guns to turn away sharks. They would surely enjoy the best diving board and the calming water of the open sea of the Mediterranean, Arabian, South China, Indian and even the Pacific oceans. After their short relaxation marines and sailors get back through their ships by landing docks or by climbing up their cargo nets.

It was very true that it is really difficult to be away from your home and your family even just in a day. But these people were very inspirations and amazing as they can endure everything just for the sake of their families, loved ones and children. With the help of their traditional “swim call”, loneliness and homesickness are lessened even just a bit, even just for a few moments.