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This is the real meaning of the letters and the numbers that are written on the yellow marker along the streets!

We can often see many things in the roads that we usually ignore and we just passed by. We thought that they are in that place just for nothing. Little did we know that it also has its importance. Maybe when we face some difficult situations like when we got lost from a place we really don’t know, we should remember these things to help us out.

Many of us especially the motorists and drivers can often see “Yellow Markers” on the side of the roads. But would you believe that those markers really have something important to remind all of us? It actually serves as a guide and a mark for travelers. The numbers written on those yellow markers stands for the number of kilometers you are from the center of commerce of the area.

We may ignore those yellow markers a couple of times now because we already have applications on our phone to determine the place where we are like Global Positioning System or GPS. But what if our cellphone’s battery is drained? or we do not have an internet connection? If ever you got lost this “Yellow Markers”, or the “Kilometer Markers” can be a big help. Example when you are in Luzon and you saw a kilometer marker that indicates KM 340, it only means you are 340 kilometers away from Luneta Park. Luneta Park is the “kilometer zero” of Luzon because it is the center of Manila.

However, when you are in the province and you saw C6, it only means that you are 6 kilometers away from a town/city that starts with the letter “C”. If you are confused on reading these kilometer markers, you can walk away from the marker, only made sure that it is on your left, it means that you are going right on the next town and not away from that town or city when the marker is on your right.

Just continue doing this until you saw kilometer markers which numbers are lessened by one from the previous marker you came from.