This Husband complains about his unfaithful wife, he wanted his wife back but she disagreed. He just enjoyed the make-over and free shopping sponsored by Raffy Tulfo!

The husband was known to be Mr. Saludo who asked help in Raffy Tulfo’s program “Action” as his wife was allegedly cheating on him.

It turns out that it was just a false accusation towards his wife who was just working for the sake of their family. Even the wife’s employer proves that Joan Saludo did not involve herself in any of the accusations as she was just doing her job and nothing more.

Because of what happened, the husband wanted to have his wife back but the wife didn’t want their relationship to continue.

Mr. Saludo was saddened by the decision of his wife but still, Raffy Tulfo had helped him by sponsoring his make-over and new clothes and maybe through that his wife can see how handsome his jealous husband is and maybe they can actually reconcile. Anyway, love is sweeter the second time around isn’t? We will never know what will happen next!

Source: Kami